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Below you will find our past webinars. Please click on the image or title to access them and feel free to check out the extra materials below the description.


Differentiating Your Flight School Through Safety Seminars
Pilots are always learning, and what better way to promote safety than through safety seminars! Creating a fun, energetic, and informative seminar leaves a lasting impression on audiences and will keep them coming back for more.
Creating and Running a Flight Scholarship Program
Your organization can help the pilot shortage by implementing a flight scholarship program. This can put a nonprofit spin on your business and give you something that differentiates yourself from your competitors.


How to Put Energy and Fun into Your Private Pilot Syllabus
Creating a clear, concise, energetic syllabus is an important part of running a flight school and this seminar helps you do just that!
Feel Like a Club
How to Make your Flight School Feel Like a Flying Club


Creating and Running an Adventure Flying Group
Creating a flying group will bring pilots together to explore awesome destinations and create a great sense of community.