San Carlos, CA


Sowing the Seeds of FlightYoung people are the future of general aviation. Although they can’t yet afford flight training, the dream to fly is often caught early. Flying club and flight schools should find ways to open their doors to young people, in all kinds of ways. Join us as we discuss what works and what does work for kids birthday parties, aviation summer camps, and aviation clubs. How can we inspire the next general of pilots?
Differentiating Your School Through Safety SeminarsTraditionally, safety seminars are about training, exposing pilots to new safety information that can improve their pilot skills and help them make safer in-flight decisions. Find out how to turn safety into community, as we share the best ways to bring pilots together to energize your club and make your organization the living center of the airport.
Forming and Sustaining Pilot Groups Within Your Larger OrganizationIt’s obvious that people come together for shared interest, that’s why pilots come to your club or school. We all love aviation. In this session, we’ll talk about the power of creating even more specific pilot sub-groups for young, new pilots, women and other underrepresented pilots. We have found that this doesn’t divide us, it multiplies the energy in your club, giving you more ways to connect your people together and change their lives.
Creating and Running an Adventure Flying GroupWe often note that flying is a singularly individual task. The PIC has sole responsibility for the safety of the flight. But real magic occurs when a group of PICs take to the skies on a shared adventure to a distant airport. Building and running an adventure flying club within your organization can increase flights, improve recency of skills, and explode your presence on social media. Let’s talk about what works, and what we’ve found doesn’t work in an Adventure Flying Club.
Creating a Flight ScholarshipMost pilots wish they had found aviation earlier, but for many it wasn’t even an option. A flight scholarship program can open the door to aviation for a young person, but it also bonds your pilot community together. Asking more of your pilots gives them the opportunity to bring more of themselves to your club or school, and makes the entire organization come alive.
Empowering VolunteersIt’s often easier to do something yourself than to ask for help. Volunteers take management effort, and need training and guidance. But the value of sharing the load is immeasurable. In this seminar, we’ll learn ways to share the adventure that we all experience guiding the organization with enthusiast volunteers who deserve to share in the fun and the leadership.
Building Your eCommunityThe Internet is a huge, scary place that changes every day. Flight training on the other hand is very local and it’s been around since Orville and Wilbur. In this session, we’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t work with new technology, including websites, newsletters, blogs, and social media sites. We don’t know all the answers, but we can expose you to some of the best uses of new technology. You can pick what is right to take back to your flight school or flying club.
Member AdvocacyThis is something San Carlos Flight Center has had on our wish list since the day we opened. How can we treat our pilots more like students needing guidance and direction than as customers. How can we better understand each individuals connection to aviation and encourage them along their individual training paths to better skills, more adventure, and safer flights. Bring your thinking caps to this active discussion, an answer is needed.
Using BBQ and Parties to Create a Sense of CommunityOne of the jokes around SCFC is that everything is a wedding. By that we mean we take parties and events seriously. We pick clear goals, and put real energy into turning a simple cookout into a multi-layered bonding experience. Join us to learn what works and what doesn’t work in hosting member parties and events.
Feel Like A ClubThe more people enjoy their time at your flight school, the more they will spread the word. If you haven't already begun acting like a flying club, do so! Your location, your environment, your subscription model, and your office amenities go a long way to saying "You belong with us!"
Training with EnergyTraining is hard work, and it's important to meet every FAA requirement for safety. But there's nothing that prevents you from adding fun events, milestones celebrations, and cool flight activities to your standard syllabus. In this session, we share ways to make your group ground school class and your syllabus come alive with excitement and energy.