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Frequently Asked Questions

My flying club only has 10 members. Would I get anything out of participating in GA SPARK?
GA SPARK is about sharing ways to bring energy to general aviation which will increase the size of your club and/or improve your members' experience. Either way, you win.

Is GA SPARK for flight schools?  Or for flying clubs?
Both. Our mission is to build energy to general aviation, to share the thing we love with the world. The ideas we share at SPARK can help your organization be better at serving your members and building aviation in your part of the world. Whether you are a club or a school, you will all benefit from the insights of SPARK.

I work at a Part 141 school. Is GA SPARK for me?
It depends on your goal. The type of energy we generate using the ideas from SPARK build client retention and word-of-mouth referrals. If that is your goal, join us.

Why would I share ideas with another school?  Aren’t we competitors, fighting for the same students?
Not in our eyes.  If you’re not at our airport, you’re not our competitor.  Most of general aviation is highly local. Few people will drive 30 miles past a perfectly good airport to go to the next one.  Our target customers and members are local to our airports, and we use energy to attract and retain those customers. You can too.

I think my school/club has a lot of great ideas of our own.  We would be happy to share them, and maybe even co-present one of the sessions. Who should I contact?
That’s great!  Some of the best ideas are ones we haven’t even heard yet.  Sharing ideas is at the core of this event. We are actively seeking hosts to partner with.  Email us at and let’s get the conversation started.

My flight school is pretty small right now. Will the content be relevant to our situation?
Energy building is universal.  You should be able to find inspiration with SPARK for organizations of any size. These ideas can help grow a small flight school into a bigger one or allow an established school to improve the quality and community feel for their school.  It’s true that some ideas cost money to implement, but you can decide what the right next step is for your organization.

Is there a cost associated with GA SPARK?

Do I need to be a part of the GA SPARK Alliance to watch the webinars?
No. The Alliance only gives you the benefit of networking with other schools, in addition to the webinar series.