San Carlos, CA

Benefits of Joining

Few people drive beyond 25 miles past an airport to attend another flight school. In their desire to be the best, flight schools often don’t share their best practices and wisdom with each other; however, schools that do often reap benefits of new insights and perspectives. The GA SPARK Alliance hopes to continue this trend as sharing ideas will help promote general aviation and innovation in flight schools for years to come.

Specific Benefits

  • Sharing ideas and insights between school and club management
  • Webinars on aviation business topics that can be applied to any organization around the country
  • A support network to discuss any topic related to your school or club
  • Access to the GA SPARK Alliance Google Drive and Reddit where managers can find shared documents and discussions among flight schools owners and managers

Additional Benefits May Include

  • Community memberships at other clubs
  • Club checkouts across multiple organizations
  • Shared aircraft and procedure documents