San Carlos, CA

GA SPARK: Building Energy and Excitement in General Aviation

GA SPARK is a webinar and networking platform for people who run flight schools and flying clubs.  The purpose is to bring great minds together to collaborate and share ideas on how to build energy in general aviation.  If you run a flight school or flying club, and you want ideas for building your organization, then GA SPARK is for you.


Together we can build General Aviation!

Great ideas are worth sharing.  Although we are scattered all over the country, flight schools and flying clubs share much more in common than many people think.  But we need the right people, energy, and ideas to succeed.

The popular opinion is that General Aviation is a dying industry, and there is a bit of truth to that.  Costs have been rising for years and the average pilot age has steadily increased.  But it’s far from over.  All over the US, fun energetic people are making a difference, one airplane, one club, one airport at a time.

Together, we are stronger.